When in the process of designing a website it is important to take a number of items in to account. The  layout should be designed with site navigation in mind at all stages. There is no point in having a good looking web site if your visitors can't find what there are looking for.  With some graphics a certain amount of artistic licence may be allowed as some graphics work better on printed medium rather than on a computer screen. Although the overall corporate image can still be maintained.

Search engines and directories are another subject that should be taken into account. There are a number of techniques we can use to optimise a web site for search engine submission.

Web site maintenance is a subject you should be aware of, this can be achieved in a number of ways such as a CMS (content management system) where you have an on-line control panel. This allows the client to add and change the site content, useful for news and event calendar updates. Another way is to allow the designer to up date the site which may incur a small cost in many cases, a text only up date may be done at no cost.

Q, Why do I need a web site ?

Typical reasons companies choose to have a web site are to improve corporate image and customer service, find new prospects, increase visibility, perform transactions, expand their market, reduce costs and communicate with a specific target group.

Q, Why do I need a professional web site designer to create my web site ?

If you are serious about your Internet presence and you are utilising your web site as a marketing tool, you want your web site to be optimised to reach your target audience. A professional developer goes beyond the visual aspects of the web site and ensures that the site functions properly, and provides "behind the scenes" enhancements and development that may not be known by non-professionals or seen by the user.